Sphaenorhynchus carneus Pygmy Hatchet-faced Treefrog
Also known as:
Napo Lime Treefrog
Madre Selva Biological Station, Loreto, PeruJanuary 31, 2016
Pygmy Hatchet-faced Treefrog (Sphaenorhynchus carneus)
A few minutes after being surprised to find a Spotted Hatchet-faced Treefrog not particularly close to any pond, Cliff, Ben and I found this smaller relative, also not particularly close to any pond.

This species typically shows red on some dorsal spots and along the sides by day. This red color fades at night to a nearly uniform green. This one shows some of the red color, and was found at night, but it was early in the evening so perhaps the red is in the process of fading.

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