Peru Herp List
January - February 2016
AlligatoridaeAlligators and Caimans
Caiman crocodilus
Common Caiman
AlopoglossidaeShade Lizards
Alopoglossus atriventris
Black-bellied Forest Lizard
Anolis bombiceps
Blue-lipped Forest Anole
Anolis fuscoauratus
Brown-eared Anole
Anolis ortonii
Amazon Bark Anole
new species
Anolis punctatus boulengeri
Western Amazon Green Anole
new species
Anolis trachyderma
Common Forest Anole
Anolis transversalis
Banded Tree Anole
GymnophthalmidaeSpectacled Lizards
Cercosaura argula
Elegant Eyed Lizard
HoplocercidaeForest Dragons and Armor-tailed Lizards
Enyalioides laticeps
Amazon Forest Dragon
Iguana iguana
Green Iguana
PhyllodactylidaeLeaf-toed Geckos
Thecadactylus solimoensis
Southern Turnip-tailed Gecko
Copeoglossum nigropunctatum
South American Spotted Skink
SphaerodactylidaeDwarf Geckos
Gonatodes humeralis
Bridled Forest Gecko
Pseudogonatodes guianensis
Amazon Pygmy Gecko
new species
TeiidaeWhiptails and Tegus
Ameiva ameiva
Giant Ameiva
Kentropyx pelviceps
Forest Whiptail
TropiduridaeNeotropical Ground Lizards
Plica umbra ochrocollaris
Olive Tree Runner
Stenocercus fimbriatus
Western Leaf Lizard
Corallus batesii
Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa
new species
ColubridaeAdvanced Snakes
Dendrophidion dendrophis
Tawny Forest Racer
Drymarchon corais
Yellow-tailed Indigo Snake
new species
DipsadidaeRear-fanged Snakes
Dipsas catesbyi
Ornate Snail-eating Snake
Drepanoides anomalus
Amazon Egg-eating Snake
new species
Imantodes cenchoa
Common Blunt-headed Tree Snake
Philodryas argentea
Green-striped Vine Snake
Pseudoboa coronata
Crowned False Boa
new species
Xenopholis scalaris
Wucherer’s Ground Snake
new species
ElapidaeCobras, Kraits, Coral Snakes
Bothrops atrox
South American Lancehead
Lachesis muta muta
South American Bushmaster
Frogs and Toads
AromobatidaeCryptic Forest Frogs
Allobates femoralis
Spotted-thighed Poison Frog
BufonidaeTrue Toads
Amazophrynella amazonicola
no known English name
new species
Atelopus spumarius
Common Harlequin Toad
Rhinella “margaritifera”
Crested Forest Toad
Rhinella dapsilis
Sharp-nosed Toad
DendrobatidaePoison Frogs
Ameerega hahneli
Pale-striped Poison Frog
Ameerega trivittata
Three-striped Poison Frog
new species
Ranitomeya amazonica
Amazon Poison Frog
new species
Ranitomeya uakarii
Uakari Poison Frog
Boana calcarata
Convict Treefrog
Boana cinerascens
Rough-skinned Green Treefrog
Boana lanciformis
Rocket Treefrog
Boana punctata
Polkadot Treefrog
Dendropsophus brevifrons
Short-nosed Treefrog
Dendropsophus haraldschultzi
Many-lined Treefrog
Dendropsophus parviceps
Orange-shanked Treefrog
new species
Dendropsophus timbeba
Cardoso’s Treefrog
new species
Dendropsophus triangulum
Variable Clown Treefrog
Osteocephalus buckleyi
Buckley’s Slender-legged Treefrog
Osteocephalus deridens
Mocking Bromeliad Treefrog
Osteocephalus planiceps
Flat-headed Bromeliad Treefrog
Osteocephalus taurinus
Giant Broad-headed Treefrog
Osteocephalus yasuni
Yasuni Broad-headed Treefrog
Phyllomedusa bicolor
Giant Monkey Frog
Phyllomedusa vaillantii
White-lined Monkey Frog
Scarthyla goinorum
Tarauaca Snouted Treefrog
new species
Scinax ruber
Two-striped Treefrog
Sphaenorhynchus carneus
Pygmy Hatchet-faced Treefrog
new species
Sphaenorhynchus dorisae
Spotted Hatchet-faced Treefrog
Trachycephalus resinifictrix
Amazon Milk Frog
new species
Trachycephalus typhonius
Common Milk Frog
new species
LeptodactylidaeTropical Frogs
Adenomera andreae
Cocha Chirping Frog
Adenomera hylaedactyla
Forest Chirping Frog
Engystomops petersi
Peters’ Dwarf Frog
new species
Leptodactylus petersii
Peter’s Jungle Frog
Leptodactylus wagneri
Dwarf Jungle Frog
Lithodytes lineatus
Painted Antnest Frog
StrabomantidaeTerrestrial-breeding Frogs
Oreobates quixensis
Common Big-headed Rain Frog
Pristimantis altamazonicus
Amazonian Rain Frog
Pristimantis croceoinguinis
Santa Cecilia Robber Frog
Pristimantis luscombei
Luscombe’s Rain Frog
Pristimantis malkini
Malkin’s Rain Frog
Pristimantis martiae
Marti’s Rain Frog
new species
Pristimantis ockendeni
Carabaya Rain Frog
Salamanders and Newts
PlethodontidaeLungless Salamanders
Bolitoglossa peruviana
Peruvian Climbing Salamander
Frogs and Toads:
Salamanders and Newts:
new species: