Bali to Komodo, October 1999
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Other Wildlife
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I couldn't let you leave my tales of Indonesian adventure without a few more lizards. There is a complete account of all the reptiles and amphibians I saw on this trip (and anywhere else, for that matter) on the Herps part of my web site. Here are a few more lizards from our trip. Clockwise from right: Common Flying Dragon (Draco volans), Asian House Gecko (Cosymbotus platyurus), and Lesser Sunda Dark-throated Skink (Sphenomorphus melanopogon).
These spiders, common throughout our journey, were gigantic. This one's leg span was the size of your hand. They are not especially venomous, but I for one wouldn't want to test how strong its big red mandibles are.
And finally, last but not least, is the monkey picture. Really this whole "Other Wildlife" page was just an excuse to fit the monkey picture in somehow. This crab-eating or long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) was one of many that we saw in the hills of Sumbawa. Monkeys are just soooooo cute, aren't they?

On Rinca these monkeys have to worry about becoming lizard chow. As do the people, to some extent.

John Sullivan
November 11, 1999

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