Ghana Herp List
August 2018
I traveled for about a week in Ghana with Kurt "Orion" G, Monty Najar, Paul Norberg, and local guide Baturi. Kurt and Monty were using this trip as an experiment to see whether it would be worthwhile for their herp tour company to offer regular Ghana trips. Paul and I were the guinea pig trial "customers", meaning that we didn't have any responsibilities. Nice work if you can get it.
Osteolaemus tetraspis
West African Dwarf Crocodile
new species
Agama picticauda
West African Rainbow Lizard
Agama sankaranica
Senegal Agama
new species
GekkonidaeTypical Geckos
Cnemaspis spinicollis
Cameroon Collared Gecko
new species
Hemidactylus fasciatus
Banded Leaf-toed Gecko
new species
Hemidactylus sp
unidentified species
Lygodactylus conraui
Cameroon Dwarf Gecko
new species
LacertidaeWall Lizards
Holaspis guentheri
Sawtail Lizard
new species
Mochlus brevicaudis
Short-tailed Writhing Skink
new species
Panaspis togoensis
Togo Lidless Skink
new species
Trachylepis sp
unidentified species
ColubridaeAdvanced Snakes
Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia
White-lipped Herald Snake
new species
Philothamnus carinatus
Thirteen-scaled Green Snake
new species
LamprophiidaeAfrican Advanced Snakes
Aparallactus modestus
Western Forest Centipede-eater
new species
TyphlopidaeBlind Snakes
Afrotyphlops punctatus
Spotted Blind Snake
new species
Atheris chlorechis
Western Bush Viper
new species
Frogs and Toads
ArthroleptidaeScreeching Frogs
Arthroleptis sp
unidentified species
Leptopelis spiritusnoctis
Night Spirit Frog
new species
BufonidaeTrue Toads
Sclerophrys maculata
Flat-backed Toad
ConrauidaeSlippery Frogs
Conraua sagyimase
Atewa Slippery Frog
new species
DicroglossidaeFork-tongued Frogs
Hoplobatrachus occipitalis
African Crowned Bullfrog
new species
HyperoliidaeAfrican Reed Frogs
Afrixalus nigeriensis
Nigeria Banana Frog
new species
Afrixalus sp
unidentified species
Afrixalus sp
unidentified species
Hyperolius baumanni
Baumann’s Reed Frog
new species
Hyperolius bobirensis
Bobiri Reed Frog
new species
Hyperolius concolor
Variable Reed Frog
new species
Hyperolius picturatus
Variable Montane Reed Frog
new species
Hyperolius sylvaticus
Bobiri Reed Frog
new species
Kassina arboricola
Ivory Coast Running Frog
new species
PhrynobatrachidaePuddle Frogs
Phrynobatrachus accraensis
Accra River Frog
new species
Phrynobatrachus tokba
Tokba River Frog
new species
PtychadenidaeGrassland Frogs
Ptychadena longirostris
Snouted Grassland Frog
new species
Ptychadena sp
unidentified species
RanidaeTrue Frogs
Amnirana albolabris
Forest White-lipped Frog
new species
Amnirana galamensis
Galam White-lipped Frog
new species
RhacophoridaeOld World Treefrogs
Chiromantis rufescens
African Foam-nest Frog
new species
Frogs and Toads:
new species: